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Miscellaneous Links

Online Games: These are a few links to three online games that are free to play. I'm intesrested in them, but I'm not sure if I have the right computer and/or software for them.

GENE CATLOW by Albert Temple: This is a comic strip created, written and drawn by one of my good friends and fellow former YERF artist, Albert Temple. I hope to meet him in person one of these days to chat about good times exchanging artwork on the upload screen where we did all those story exchange artwork ideas. That's how the the famous TIME WRINKE story got started.

FURNATION: This is the furry fandom's own web server! -- It's had a major renevation or two including a new owner!

YAHOO! and GOOGLE -- Web Search Engines: These are two of the most used web seach engines on the Intenet.

The Walt Disney Company: I've been a huge fan of the Disney Animation ever since my childhood. My favorite film they've ever made is their animal-version of the classic tale of Robin Hood.

Robert and Margaret Carspecken: The amazingly "foxy" artists behind R&M Creative Endeavors and the OzFoxes Website! :)

More links to come during next update.


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