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How to Draw Cartoons! (In General)

Ah! So you decided to come here an learn my most carefully guarded secrets, eh? Well be forewarned! Those who dare to read this page will find themselves ready to be assaulted by cute, adorable, little wind-up plush bunny toys armed with nerph bats! MUHHAHAHA! (*poit!*) ...sorry. Just kidding. ;-)

Well, less-see. As I said in the link to this page, the information here isn't the most informative, but it's something that I've prepared to at least help you in the right direction. Okay! Let's get started!

Just Plain Visual-Aid:

The key element in the visual ad are the characters themselves. Study their physical characteristics and look for key points to their construction that you can add to your own characters or when drawing fan-artwork. For example: Ever notice in all those Disney films like the Lion King (1 and 2), Bednobs and Broomsticks, and Disney's Robin Hood, that they always among certain animal characters like lions, foxes, and wolves, they always have their teeth (or a tooth) showing in a very certain style an manner? That's exactly what I mean when looking for a key point!

Books on How to Draw Cartoons:

Ever since I can remember, there have been books on how to draw cartoons from some of the most revered animators (like Preston Blair & Don Bluth) and cartoonists (like Jim Davis, Johnny Hart and Charles M. Schulz). Such books have been a great help in developing my own cartoon style to what it is today.

There are books on How to Draw Japanese Manga/Anime that I know of. Please be patient as I need to take note of their titles and authors.

Here's a great source of books that I can recommend; for these are books that I have myself!

The Official "Learn to Draw" Disney Series of Books (published by Walter Foster):
These books have helped me create the Disney/Don Bluth look to my artwork that is obviously evident in most of my artwork.

Books by Preston Blair (also published by Walter Foster):
These first two mentioned books were the ones I got my hands on to self-teach myself how to draw the way I wanted to draw.

(Sadly, Preston Blair died in 1995 at the age of 85. I proudly post his book titles in honor of his memory and great work. You will be sadly missed, but not forgotten, Mr. Blair).

Books by Christopher Hart (published by Watson-Guptill):
I've taken notice of Christopher hart's work in these instruction books of his, and I can tell you right now, that you'd miss out on a lot of useful information and visual aid if you don't by any of them!

Asking the Artist For Advice:

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