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Matthew Peters' Clients Page

1. Daan's Herbal & Acupuncture Center: This is a Chinese herbal and medicine shop, based here in San Francisco, specializing in exotic herbs and acupuncture . I've had the pleasure of working with then by creating the twelve animal graphics for their Chinese Horoscope web page where you can find out which one of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac you are! You can view my name and the others that helped in the creation of their website on their credits' page.

2. Shanda Fantasy Arts: The name of the comic book company owned by Mike and Carol Curtis, publishers of SHANDA THE PANDA; created by Mike Curtis. I did the artwork for twelve page storycreated and written by Brock Hoagland, that appeared in MAGIC CARPET, a funny aniaml comic book publication exclusively for kids! They also publish EXTINCTIONEERS by Shawnae Howard, and many other anthropomorphic/furry titles.

3. D.H. Hardwick & Sons, Inc.: I was commissoned by this lumber and construction company, located in the state of Vermont, where I designed a cartoon beaver and website images for their website. The cartoon beaver is named Hardy (named after the company of course). Anyway, please check out their website and see the images I made for them.


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