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Hello there! Welcome to my free graphics web directory! I have here web graphics I've made myself in the hopes that I can be of service to those looking for uniquely made web graphics! Please feel free to browse around and take your pick(s)! Just cut and past the graphic(s) you like and use them on your web page!

In return, PLEASE DO NOT ALTER THE IMAGES, and please use my linking button, provided here, to link back to this website to where you got your free web graphics! The web address is

(IMPORTANT NOTE: For those who may wish to make changes on an image for whatever reason you may have to make it (them) fit your site, please consult with me first; I'll see what I can do for you).

Freelance Cartoonist



Animated E-Mail Graphics
Web graphics with the phrase "E-MAIL ME!" blinking.

bunnymail.gif (11k): Cute little bunny rabbit in a bag of mail.
bunnymail_trans.gif (9k) Same image, only transparent.

wolfmail.gif (11k): Wolf's head howling, as if it were howling at the moon.
wolfmail_trans.gif (11k): Same image, only transparent.

Animated "Under Construction" Graphics

beaver-construction.gif (26k): Cartoon beaver in construction garb, wielding a chainsaw, standing next to a tree with the words "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" blinking on it.
beaver-construction_trans.gif (24k): Same image, only transparent.

Blinking Light Construction Graphics:
This is a series of animated graphics showing the words "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" between two bars with lights blinking (available in blue, green, orange, red and yellow). The two types are normal and transparent.

blue-construction.gif (11k)
blue-construction_trans.gif (11k)
green-construction.gif (11k)
green-construction_trans.gif (11k)
orange-construction.gif (11k)
orange-construction_trans.gif (11k)
red-construction.gif (11k)
red-construction_trans.gif (11k)
yellow-construction.gif (11k)
yellow-construction_trans.gif (11k)

Wallpaper Images

wave.gif (20k): A image of a wave in the water splashing in the ocean; meant for tiling on your web page. Click here to see what it looks like.


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