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I've managed to get my CRAZY AS A FOX comic strip site up, but it stops at the last strip I published (CAAF Strip #194). I will be moving (or have moved) to Ohio by the time this page is read; the publication of my comic strip will not resume until I've fully settled in and have accustomed myself with my new surroundings. An exact date and/or time cannot be announced as I do not know myself when I will resume my strip. I can promise one thing; that IT WILL RESUME.

Right now, I'm still create and scan more new strips. -- All that I ask my past, current and up-and-coming readers to please be paitent and enjoy the current strips that I have already posted. The main website of my comic strip will be placed at my new strip archive site; hosted by

Freelance Cartoonist

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©2013 Matthew W. Peters! :D

NOTE: Until my comic strip site is up and running, some of my past strips can be viewed on my old Yerf Art File at Metafur.Org.